Translation of email text:


Dear ,


Welcome and thank you for choosing DISCOVERINDUTCH!

You will find your contract and some other documents here.


If the contract is right, the contract will contain the correct information about you and your process. We ask you to check the information.

The contract contains information about:

- the content and duration of the course;

- the rules for terminating the contract;

- the rights and obligations and the course costs;

- the exchange of personal data;


If you have any questions, you can ask us. We would like to receive the signed contract back. You can then give it to your teacher so that we can save the original. We will send you a digital copy.


The content of our contracts is precisely prescribed by the Blik op Werk quality mark institute.


You will also receive our privacy policy and our complaints policy.


Translation of contract text:


Mr. Mrs :

First Name:

Last name:

Date of birth:


Country of origin:


Postal Code:


Telephone number:

E-mail address:

BSN known:

Contract date:

Expected end date:

The duration of this agreement, in months, is:

Date deadline status:

Current language level:

Exam level:

The student's learning profile is:

The group code is:

Number of lessons per week:

Number of hours expected study load:

The total number of purchased hours is:

Monthly costs:

The hourly rate for the course is: Contact:

The expected costs for teaching materials:

Total costs of the course:

Is the student obliged to integrate:

Payments are made by:


The undersigned:


1. The sole trader under the name DISCOVERINDUTCH - Language and Integration Classes, hereinafter also referred to as "course institution", established in Almere at the address Rentmeesterstraat 46N, 1315 NR, legally represented by Mr. Sieger Timmerman, and


2. hereinafter referred to as "student", born on, in, residing at, at the address,


Hereinafter referred to collectively as "parties",


Have agreed as follows:


Article 1 - Course

1.1 Parties conclude a course agreement for attending the following integration course:


1.2 The duration of this agreement in months is:

1.3 The size of the course group is: 4 to 9 students (with ONA the number can be higher than 9).

1.4 The composition of the course group is: intermediate to highly educated students of various nationalities and backgrounds.

1.54 The course institution is obliged to discuss the agreement with the student verbally, in a language that the student can understand [1], before the student signs the agreement.


Article 2 - Course Content

2.1 The start date of the first substantive activity is:

2.2 The expected end date of the last substantive activity is: Contact: Expected end date

2.3 If the expected end date of the course is not achieved, the course institution must inform the student early.

2.4 The frequency of the course offered is: 6 or 7 lessons spread over 2 or 3 lessons per week (this does not apply to ONA). See group code for the schedule.

2.5 The course institution offers the following amount of support to the student: most DISCOVERINDUTCH students work independently. Language mates are used at some locations.

2.6 The expected study load (incl. Homework) for the student per week, in hours, is:

2.7 The course institution monitors the progress of the course by means of. a progress report that is filled in by the teacher on a quarterly basis and added to the student's digital file and discusses the progress with the student at least once a quarter.

2.8 The course institution is obliged to inform the student about the manner and form of administering exams.

When the teacher and the student decide that a request can be made for a certain module, the teacher will give the student sufficient support to execute the application. The teacher can ask the service provider to help with this.

2.9 The course institution is obliged to perform attendance registration, which meets the requirements as included in the Blik op Werk quality mark manual.


Article 3 - Student profile

3.1 The course institution is obliged to take an intake test prior to the start date as agreed in article 2.2 of this agreement to determine the student's learning profile.

3.2 The student's learning profile is:

1 = no formal training

2 = primary school completed

3 = high school completed

4 = HBO or university completed

3.3 The course institution is obliged to take progress tests.

At least once per quarter the progress report is done by means of progress tests.


Article 4 - Costs and invoicing

4.1 The hourly rate for the course is: €

The number of course hours is:

The total costs for the course as agreed in this agreement are:

4.2 Does the student wish to use a loan from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) ?:

4.3 The course participant owes the agreed amount under article 4.1 to the course institution.

4.4 If the student uses the loan through DUO, DUO will pay the agreed course fee from the student's loan. After the student has approved the invoice in the prescribed manner.

4.5 If the student wishes to make use of the loan through DUO, the student authorizes the course institution by signing the agreement to exchange his name, address, place of residence, telephone number (name and address details) and information about exams and diplomas with DUO.

4.6 The course institution must conform to the rules and standards set in the most recent manual from DUO regarding the exchange of invoice data.


Article 5 - Termination and termination of the course

5.1 The student has the option to cancel the agreement in writing, with a notice period of one month, if the course has lasted at least three months.

5.2 The student is entitled to immediately cancel the course agreement without observing the cancellation period if:

5.2.1 Continuation cannot reasonably be required.

5.2.2 The course participant has been approved by the Board of Arbitration.

5.2.3 The course institution does not appear to be in possession of a valid (aspiring) quality mark.

5.2.4 The course institution loses the (aspiring) quality mark.

5.3 In case of written mutual agreement between the course institution and the student, the course agreement can be terminated.

5.4 If, despite repeated written and oral warnings from the course institution, the student does not appear at the lessons, the student will be in default. In that case, the course institution can have the student sign a withdrawal ticket. If the student does not sign a proof of withdrawal, the course institution is entitled to terminate the course agreement by registered letter.


Article 6 - View of Work

6.1 The course institution has a Blik op Werk Keurmerk.

6.2 The course institution makes every effort to maintain the Blik op Werk (prospective) Seal of Approval during the course agreement.

6.3 The course institution acts and works in accordance with the conditions set out in the manual and the Blik op Werk Quality Mark and Satisfaction Survey Conditions.


Article 7 - Regulations

7.1 The course institution has a privacy policy and complaints policy.

7.2 The privacy policy and the complaints policy must be submitted to the course participant by the course institution.


Thus agreed on, drawn up in duplicate and signed:

DISCOVERINDUTCH, course institution

On behalf of this: Mr. S. Timmerman

Date: Contact:

Place: Almere






The student:


Date ………………………………

Place: ………………………………





I hereby,, give DISCOVERINDUTCH permission to exchange my data with Panteia, which carries out the satisfaction survey for Blik op Werk.




[1] For example: Arabic, English or another language from the country of origin.